Your resume is your calling card, and you want to make sure that you give employers something they will take notice of. In a fiercely competitive job market, impressions are everything, and by using our writing talents, TOG Solutions can work with you to make that impression.

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What makes us different?

When you started searching for resume writing help, you undoubtedly came across a wide array of companies that could provide those services. Many of them will charge hundreds of dollars for their service, but are limited in how they communicate to clients. As a result, you may find yourself with an end product that doesn’t match your needs or your expectation, given the price tag.

TOG Solutions is different. Our services are far less and expensive but still match the quality of the pricier options. You can speak with us directly at 216.245.0840 or 312.725.4864 at any time before or during the process with any questions. In addition, you can request to meet with us face-to-face, either in person or through an online platform such as Zoom or Skype.


For recent college graduates or professionals have less than two years experience in your current career, use this service.


If you have more than two years in your career and are either looking to highlight your existing skills or are seeking to make a career transition, select this service.

Executive Resumes

This service is dedicated for individuals seeking executive-level and other senior leadership positions.

Turnaround time for all services is five business days. Expedited Service (48-hour turnaround) is available for an extra $50 fee.

Resume Packages:

Complete the form at the end of the page prior to payment to avoid delay in services.


Entry Level – $100

Mid-Level – $125

Executive – $150

Resume & Cover Letter

Entry Level – $125

Mid-Level – $150

Executive – $175

Resume, Cover Letter & LinkedIn Profile

Entry Level – $150

Mid-Level – $175 Level

Executive – $200 Executive – $175

Individual Services:

Expedited Services (for 48-hour turnaround) – $50

Curricula Vitae – $150

Select this service if you need to provide comprehensive details of your experience for academic positions, which would require more than the standard resume length, this is the option you should use.

Cover Letter – $35

LinkedIn Profile – $50

Examples of Our Resume Work:

For those seeking help with curricula vitae and KSAs (Knowledge, Skill Ability) for federal jobs, as well as interviewing assistance and other career counseling, please Contact TOG Solutions for further information.

    Entry Level ResumeMid-Level ResumeExecutive ResumeCover Letter