In the legal profession, documentation such as depositions and correspondence are essential to the entire process. While transcription software is widely available, you may not be comfortable with the quality of the end product. You may also not trust that all the content will be complete or entirely accurate.

Whether you are a small practice working out of your home or a large firm that handles a variety of specialty areas, TOG Solutions has the expertise to meet your transcription needs. We pride ourselves in delivering the most accurate transcripts to clients. TOG Solutions carefully proofreads and edits documents to ensure 99% accuracy. We also possess an outstanding understanding of legal terminology, so you can be sure that your documents will meet the highest standards.

Documents Transcribed

We can transcribe any of the following documents based on the format you request:

  • Depositions
  • Hearings
  • Legal Agreements and Contracts
  • Correspondence
  • Interviews
  • Memoranda
  • Motions


Services are priced based on the number of people speaking and turnaround time (in business days).

Number of People SpeakingRegular Rate
(5-7 Days Delivery Time)
Rush Rate
(1-3 Days Delivery Time)

We are able to transcribe all types of digital audio file formats, including MP3 and WAV, plus from media such as digital recorders, audio tapes and DVDs. TOG Solutions also has the capability of converting your audio and can even send you a CD or electronic file. Please note there is a $5 charge for this service on any audio under 60 minutes. Once you are set up as a client, TOG Solutions will provide you with the ability to upload your documents.

Volume discounts for over 200 minutes of audio are available, as well as frequent clients (more than 5 orders per month). Contact TOG Solutions for more information about these discounts or to discuss how we can best meet your specific transcription needs.