Online Community Management

You have an idea, and you want to share it with everyone. Online CommunityBut after generating interest, you find that you need to expand to give people a place where they can talk about your idea and share their own.

This is the concept behind the online community, and they’ve been built around everything from sports teams to products to sharing ideas about the latest technology. At TOG Solutions, we have developed a number of online communities over the past decade, and we want to help you build yours.

We Can Build Your Community

Our involvement in building and maintaining your online community can be on a number of levels. First, we can simply make recommendations on the size, from creating a simple blog to developing a complex site, complete with features such as message boards, individual online profiles and events calendars.

From there, we can either walk you through the build-out process or you can choose for TOG Solutions to create your community for you. With countless online community tools, we have the know-how to point you in the right direction.

Once everything is set up, TOG Solutions can, for a monthly fee, monitor your community and provide recommendations on how to attract new users. We will provide this services FREE for the first month to all customers who choose TOG Solutions to create their community.

TOG Solutions also provides free information about online community management on our blog. Please click here for the latest posts.

For more information about our services, please Contact TOG Solutions for a FREE consultation.