Over that last two months, you may have noticed some things have been changed around. I’d like to take a moment to give that some explanation.

First, probably the biggest change that we’ve made was the move of resume writing services. As you know, TOG Solutions has been providing this service since 2007. In order to put more of a focus on those services, we have spun this off into what we call Resumes Near You, with its own Web site: www.resumesnearyou.com. We have created a vision with Resumes Near You as a mobile service that caters to customers within a 40-mile radius of our new home base of Elyria, Ohio.

Secondly, and equally as important, is our commitment as a training provider. We continue to be one of the few companies around the world to offer training in LibreOffice and OpenOffice.org. We also have plans to re-start our live Web-based training sessions in the future. Our soft skills training will also continue to be offered, and future plans are in place to expand into Microsoft Office training.

Next, we will no longer be offering virtual assistant services. As we have found out over the years, there are many capable professionals out there, and we simply have been focused on other parts of our business. In addition, our transcription services, there are plans to spin these services off, much like we have with resume writing. In the meanwhile, however, we will be holding off adding any new transcription clients.

Finally, we have our digital media services, which are, for the time being, still shown on our Web site. We are in the process of spinning this off into its own entity, so stay tuned for that update.

Our goal for the future is to remain active online, and bring back some of our old staples such as OpenOffice Wednesday (though a name change is probably in order).

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